Houston Divorce Attorney, Allecia Lindsey Pottinger, J.D.

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Is Your Marriage Beyond Repair?

Divorce and other matters in family law can be tougher than other legal issues. They present more challenges and have the potential to break family relationships during the litigation process. During these trying times, it is important to have legal guidance that helps you make informed and fair decisions.

Allecia Lindsey Pottinger, J.D. will help you face family-related legal matters with honest and straightforward advice. As an experienced divorce attorney in Houston, she will arrange different aspects of your divorce agreement, including:


  • Alimony
  • Child custody, support, and visitation
  • Division of property and assets
  • Grounds for divorce


Before Filing for Divorce

You and your spouse need to have exhausted ways to resolve your marital conflicts and treat divorce as a last resort. Divorce cases in Houston are often stressful, expensive and complicated. Before deciding on the matter, we recommend consulting an experienced divorce lawyer who can provide insights on the legal process involved in divorce. This will help you decide if initiating a divorce a suit is the best and a necessary step.

Handling Divorce Cases with Care

Despite the high rate of divorce in the country, the process is more complex than many people can ever expect. So many aspects of the couple’s lives are examined, including the children, finances, and property, making each case unique. This is why you need an attorney with the right balance of aggressive representation of your interests and rights, and compassionate consideration of your concerns.

We understand that nothing in life is more important than family. This is why our divorce attorney handles all family-related cases with the utmost care, while making sure your interests are protected. Allecia Lindsey Pottinger, J.D. knows your rights within the state of Texas and is committed to helping you secure your future.

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