Child Support

child-supportCHILD SUPPORT

Child support is the means in which parents provide financially for their children. However,
there are times when you need to increase or reduce the child support amount. If it has been
three or more years since the order was established or last modified and the monthly amount of
the child support ordered differs by either 20 percent or $100 from the amount that would be
awarded according to child support guidelines, your child support order can be modified. When
you see the other parent has disposable income to buy new cars, houses and go on many
vacations that’s a time you may want to look into getting an increase. Also, if you have changed
jobs and don’t make the amount of money you once did you may want to look into getting a
decrease in the amount you owe. Our attorney can help you through the process of increasing or
decreasing your child support.


If you’re not getting the child support the court ordered from the other parent, you may need to
enforce the current child support order. By enforcing a child support order, the other parent may
be ordered to pay a lump sum payment for the child support owed and in some cases be
sentenced to jail for violating the court’s order by not paying the child support. Our attorney can
help you through the process enforcing your child support order.


You may be facing a child support enforcement suit if you got behind on your payments and
fighting an enforcement is pretty terrifying when jail time could be a consequence. An
enforcement is considered a quasi-criminal action because of the jail time consequences. Thus,
you need some there to make sure your rights are not violated. Our attorney will be there for you
every step of the way to keep you out of jail.